M o n e y 

Money is energy that is available to all of us. Whether you are financially lacking or abundant there is a certain game that we are asked to play with the universe in order to keep leveling up in our evolution and money plays a huge part of that. 

I have been dirt poor and I have also learned to manifest anything I desire. That journey has been ugly and beautiful and I am so happy that I have gone through both so that I can pass on my knowledge. 


They say "money can't buy you happiness" and technically that is true but money can allow you to write each of your family member's a $10,000 check on Christmas or can allow you to donate $10,000 to your favorite charity. Money can allow you to travel somewhere your soul has been craving and maybe doing that will allow you to meet the love of your life. 

Money brings you options, freedom and the ability to not run to the bathroom when the bill comes during your friend's birthday party. 


I was taught energy work and electromagnetic field therapy when I was 16 years old by a very successful life coach and healer. She has been my closest friend and mentor ever since. I have read dozens of books on manifestation and energy work and my intention is to create a formula for you that allows you to move closer to abundance. This formula can be applied to any area of your life including money, love, parenting and health. 

The following are a series of videos I have created for you to give you more insight into the manifestation process. Whether you are a seasoned manifestor or you are completely new to the game I am sure you will find these videos helpful. I advise taking notes and please contact me for questions. 



I get this question everyday... When someone is asking me this in person, I often shoot them a confused look and answer with something sarcastic like "Well I am a human so I do human stuff most of the time..."

I know what you are asking... How do I make an income? How do I create abundance? 

It is difficult for me to limit this question to one single response because I have found many ways to create abundance in my life. I do not limit my income to one source. I would rather stay open to all of the possibilities that can find their way into my life. 

I am a designer, abundance coach, yoga teacher, hydration specialist, handy-woman, property manager and the list goes on. 

I have worked MANY jobs from all over the career spectrum. 

My most viable income source comes with my family at Breakaway Movement. I call this company my family because of all they they have done for myself as well as for my best friends who I have met through this movement. 

If you go to the WATER section of this website you can read about the incredible MEDICAL GRADE WATER ALKALIZER that we introduce into people's lives. 

I have had my own life saving experience with this water machine which is why this opportunity felt like a synchronicity and every fiber of my being was so excited to go all in with my amazing BAM FAM.