OH OAHU... You are soo good to me. 

When I plan a trip to O'ahu the first thing I want to do is grab a perfectly crafted acai bowl from one of the MANY healthy cafes. Then I take a drive to my favorite stretch of white sand where I spend my time getting nice and tan, swimming in crystal blue water and catching up with my amazing and inspiring friends. 

There are so many things about O'ahu that make me complete from the amazing yoga teachers, the networking opportunities, amazing hikes and beautiful sandy beaches there is plenty to keep you busy with a smile on your face. 

My goal one day is to buy property there so that I can travel freely between my home on the Big Island and  O'ahu. 

Oahu is originally known as the "Gathering Isle" and it absolutely lives up to its name. There are so many fun activities to do and things to keep you busy. With that being said it is also the most well known and well populated of all the islands in Hawai'i. Which has it's positives and negatives. I have had plenty of beach and hiking time where I was the only person there but more than likely you will always be sharing space with other people which takes a bit of adjusting for some. Especially someone like me who grew up around large open spaces and lots of land. 

No matter where you come from you are likely to find a lot of magic on the island of O'ahu. 

"Wanna get happy hour in Waikiki?" 

This was an everyday question between my friends and I when I lived on Oahu. It truly is one of the best ways to end the day. 

Grabbing a mai-tai and some pupus while watching the tourists and sunset... I'm pretty much down anytime all the time. 

If your flight lands in time this is how I would recommend beginning your Hawaii vacation. I love Duke's, Banyan Bar and Lulu's for sunset happy hour. 

As you can probably start to notice the colors on O'ahu are so vibrant. The bluest water I have ever seen in person is at Lanikai Beach in Kailua. 


Lanikai means "heavenly sand" in Hawaiian and once you take your first step on this buttery, velvet soft sand you will understand why. 


This beach is extremely famous so you will likely be sharing it with lots of others unless you get there early in the morning or later around sunset when there are less crowds. 

Nearby there is a hike called Lanikai Pillbox Trail which is a pretty brutal uphill direct sunlight but the view and the IG pic you get at the top is pretty worth it. And you can give yourself a nice sweaty workout before slipping into your bikini and jumping in the cool water at Lanikai Beach. 

For lunch go grab a smoothie bowl from Lanikai Juice and make sure you check out the 100% vegetarian grocery store Down to Earth which has locations all over Oahu. There newest one just opened up right across from Whole Foods in Kailua. 

I used to live in this town and I enjoyed my life here very much. Going to the beach everyday, corepower yoga and Lanikai Juice everyday was my jam. 

My Favorite O'ahu Hikes:

Manoa Falls

Waimea Falls


Koko Head

Lanikai Pillbox

Maunawili Falls  

Ka'au Crater Trail

Diamond Head Crater 

Crouching Lion Hike 

Ka'ena Point Trail

Aiea Loop Trail

Laie Falls Trail