When I went to Kauai I was going through a bit of an ascension

journey. Starting to wake up to my pre-conditioned patterning and how it had been holding me back my whole life. I was living on Oahu at the time and was becoming increasingly un-impressed by the consumerism and materialistic lifestyle that a lot of people seemed to be chasing. I was always meeting really amazing and adventurous people in person and on instagram who said they were from Kauai and I was being pulled to that island by every fiber of my being. 

At the time I had almost no money and funny enough my ticket to get there actually ended up being free because of an airline error where I received two refunds on a previous trip. So I got refunded for my previous trip and also was able to pay for my trip to Kauai. 

From there the syncronisities got more and more obvious. The day before my trip; Kauai was hit with one of the biggest flash floods in history. Leaving Hanalei, the town I was going to visit completely underwater. I stood with the residents of Hanalei as we watched the rain pour down on this beautiful town that I had always dreamed of visiting. I overheard conversations of people having to move there horses, cattle, pigs and chickens to the roofs on their cars because they were running out of places to go. 

Luckily no one was severely hurt but property and emotional damage was clearly visible once the road to Hanalei finally opened up during the last morning of my trip. My flight left in 2 hours so I drove through the town, went to the Hanalei pier and watched a strong community come together to help one another. I believe that was the side of Hanalei I was supposed to witness. 

My original intention for this trip was not just to see Kauai and all of the beauty it has to offer but to allow it to transform me in some kind of way as I had seen it do to so many amazing people I met from that island. I am so thankful that my wish was granted.

Mama Kaua'i brushed her wisdom through my hair and pumped so much aloha into my veins. I went back to Oahu understanding that there is so much to life than just getting the pretty shot. If you are ever  lucky enough to travel somewhere and see it stripped down in its rawest purest form do not take it for granted. Be present, put your phone down.  Open your heart, mind and ears and allow the transformation to take place. 

Image Source: thegardenisland.com

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So since Hanalei was out of the question during this trip I made my way to the other side of the island. I cannot tell you how many times I cried from all of the beauty my nervous system was trying to take in. I could feel the vibrations of the raw, untouched land. I could hear the whispers of the ancient ones who walked that land wayy before I did, and I could feel my DNA activating from all of the abundance around me! 

My first stop was Waimea Canyon. I had heard that name before and knew that it was a point of interest I needed to check out but I was not too sure exactly what was in store for me or if the drive up there would even be worth it (which never stops me.) So anyways, I stopped for a quick green juice at this little place I found and was shocked when the sweet cashier asked me

"Are you Kama'aina?" 

"Umm yes I am actually" I replied. 

I have lived on the islands for most of my life but I never ask for a Kama'aina discount unless I am booking at a hotel and because I am "Haole" (A foreigner to the islands) I NEVER get asked if I qualify for the discount. Needless to say I was tickled and proceeded to make my way up to the canyon sipping my kale, celery and lemon blend. *Insert heart eyes emoji

This was where I ended up deciding to pull over for the night and car camp so that I could wake up to this view, it was amazing. 

I made my way up the canyon, exploring little trails I thought most people wouldn't go down, finding inspiring and emotion provoking perspectives along the way. This was a solo trip so I was able to slip into my own fantasy land without anyone else's needs having to be met. 

I danced, frolicked and sang my way all the way up the the

Na Pali Lookout which brought me to one of the more beautiful views I ever had the opportunity to witness. 

One downside to being solo on this trip is that I was not as brave as I would have liked to go hiking along the lookout. Which I plan to do in the next month or two with a friend or two now that I am revisiting this memory. 

Waterfalls gushing out of the cliffside, majestic ridge lines untouched by hiking boots, the mana and the crystalline blue ocean as a backdrop. I wouldn't mind spending a few days camping, exploring and hiking this magic land and I plan to do exactly just that very soon.  

If you get a chance to visit this part of the world, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Just remember to carry aloha in your heart and leave nothing behind but good vibes. 

Mahalo Ke Akua