Food is so powerful, it can either heal you or destroy you. Food is god. What we put into our bodies literally controls the outcome of our lives so I take it pretty seriously. My ideal diet is plant based, gluten free, pescatarian. I know sooo high maintenance. But since I have started following this way of eating 2 years ago my life has changed dramatically and I now know that I can control my health with my food. 


It is my honor and passion to share my recipes, amazing restaurants I have visited on my travels and the food growing methods I am continuing to learn as I build my life on the Big Island of Hawaii where I am surrounded by abundant farms and orchards. 

Always remember it is so important to know what is in your food and where your food comes from. If your body is telling you to stay away from something or if it starts begging for something listen to that vessel of yours and make sure you are always nourished!

smoothie bowl recipes/spots