r e a d

Books contain sacred knowledge that is absorbed through our mirror neurons which allow our brains the ability to shift and transform. Basically when we read at a theta brain state we are allowing our subconscious to take over.  Those times where you read and seem to be drifting off are where the real magic happens and we are basically in a state of hypnosis, much like meditation. 

It is also amazing to become entranced and taken away by the current book you are reading. 


All of the books I am listing are not just books I have read but books that have changed my life. 

My wish is for you to read all of these books so that you may be supported and enlightened on your path of ascension. 

Some of these books contain vibrational energy that the author was able to embed during the creation process which will unknowingly benefit you just by reading the words! If there is something on my list you don't see that I must check out please let me know.